Shift Schedule

Shift Schedule - the best shift calendar with alarm clock for your smartphone.

Now you can easily find out your shift on New Year's Eve or closest matching day-offs with your friends.

Shift Schedule Pro

Everybody can use the app as advanced Alarm Clock that can be set to any date.

Shift workers can use the app as their Shift Roster/Calendar. The app uses a cloud storage and instant synchronization between all of your devices.

With app it is easy to track your shifts, finding out your shift on next New Year's Eve or closest matching day-offs with your friends.

Set the sequence of your rotating shifts and assign date when to start and app will build your infinite rotating schedule.

The app exists for Android only. And yes, this is the reason why the iPhone owners will envy you.

What makes Shift Schedule so special?

Shift calendar

Each shift is marked with its own color. The editor allows to configure several shifts right from the calendar. So, it is possible to create individual schedule and mark vacation, sick-leaves and day-offs in it. It's also possible to show additional info about the shift as duration, alarm, working teams etc.


Alarms work perfectly stable on any Android version. For each shift you can attach any number of alarms. They can be turned on for several schedules and teams and used as notifications. While you are on vacation alarms can be turned off with only one switch. Alarms are easy to edit and there is a button on the main screen for fast alarm access.

Cloud Storage

All schedules are stored in cloud, and you have no need to worry about them being lost. All changes are instantly synchronizing with your device. If you share a schedule with someone, the copy is created in cloud, and it will be accessible via link, until you delete it.


This feature allows you to place a calendar of your shifts on main screen for easy access to information without opening the app. All widgets are adjustable, so they will match your screen perfectly.


What is Shift Schedule?

With this app you can create shift shedules of any kind with different number of teams or choose one among popular presets. For example, 24-72, day-night-48, DuPont, Continental, 5/2 and many more.

Does the app have alarm?

To each shift you can attach several alarms and use them as a reminders. You only need to set them onсe, and they remain attached to the shift. Appearance of alarm window is fully adjustable.

Can I edit my schedule?

Shedule consists of set of repeatable shifts, but it is possible to set individual shifts. This is easy to do straight from the calendar. You can also mark day-offs, vacation and additional shifts.

Can I track my working hours?

In shift you can adjust duration of shift, including lunch-breaks. It's possible to track day, night and evening time. App will calculate working hours for the period of time you select.

Can I share my schedule?

Despite the fact that schedule creation in our app is easy, we added sharing function. If you create schedule, you are able to send the link to your coleagues or friends, so they can obtain a copy of shedule without wasting time on its creation.

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The existance of this app, its appearance and features have became as they are beacuse of its users. Users give a lot of ideas considering this app, which is the main aim of future development. You have the opportunity to influence the development by yourself. And also your feedback and bug-reports are greatly appreciated.